Company Overview

Data Recovery Labs is one of the most sophisticated, experienced, and convenient provider of data recovery services. First established as a hard drive repair facility, Data Recovery Labs quickly expanded to include repair work of virtually all electronics. Our realization of the demand and the dependence on data, combined with the failure chances of the storage media, led to the conception of Data Recovery Labs.

Data Recovery Labs is the leader in the IT industry's Raid Data Recovery market. Providing in house data recovery services for all Redundant Array of Independent Drive (RAID) configurations, NAS, SAN and multi disk server configurations.

We support ANY and ALL hardware ranging from every hard disk, optical media, flash memory, magnetic film and disks, PALM computers, cell phones, and any other device that could store data. Further, we recover from absolutely all platforms available today as well as those that are obsolete and no longer in production.

Our undisputed expertise constantly provides success where other companies found data "unrecoverable." We help individuals as well as small to large size business, non-for-profit organizations, and government agencies. We are always ready to custom tailor a solution to any challenge that our clients may present in front of us.

Core Values

Our partners and colleagues know they can trust us to always keep our promises, be transparent, and adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Customer Focus
Client satisfaction is key to our continued success. We seek to exceed our customers' expectations every day.

Relentless Improvement
We embrace change and are motivated to constantly improve our individual and collective performance.

Innovation to Support Leadership
We continually seek out, develop, and implement new ideas to enhance our position as industry leader.

Mutual Trust and Accountability
Our collaborative environment focuses on open communication, mutual respect, teamwork, and acknowledging our successes and failures.

Shared Success
Everyone in our organization acts as leaders with a shared sense of pride in our accomplishments.

Doing Well and Doing Good
By continuing to positively impact our clients and the environment, we make Data Recovery Labs a rewarding place to work.

Below are some of Data Recovery Labs clients:

Raid Recovery

Why should you use Data Recovery Labs?

  1. Data Security - securely protecting sensitive data
  2. Free Diagnostics
  3. No Data No Charge
  4. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  5. Leading-edge clean room technology
  6. Vast inventory of drives to be used as parts for the quickest recovery
  7. Work with all media, all device, and any file-system / OS
  8. Engineers on call 24 x 7 x 365 Days
  9. Rapid Response - under 3 hour response time, typically 24 hour turnaround
  10. 95% Recovery Success where our competitors deemed data "Unrecoverable"