Archiving CDs and DVDs

Owning CDs and DVDs are a great way to keep favorite songs and movies on hand. However those products are only worthwhile when they’re in working condition and that involves using the proper care and storing them correctly. They suffer from something known as CD rot, which causes the label to eat through the disc and remove the files. Even data recovery services can sometimes be of minor help in recovering data. Instead owners need to focus on the following do’s and don’ts.

Always hold CDs and DVDs by the outer edge or place one finger inside the hole on the center of the disc.
Write on the label of the disc or on top of a rewritable disc.
Use a permanent marker that’s safe for CD writing.
Store CDs in in their original plastic cases or in a CD book.
Keep CDs in a cool place away from heat and direct sunlight.
Place discs in a horizontal fashion when storing.
Keep the discs clean and away from other materials.
Use a fresh disc from a fresh package when working with recordable discs.
Use a cotton cloth to wipe dust or debris from the surface of a disc.
Only clean with liquids made for CD and DVD cleaning.
Look at the surface of the disc for any scratches before playing.
Try blowing the dust off before using a cloth.
Clean with a straight line rather than rubbing in circles.
Check frequently for warps, dents and scratches.

Keep your hands and nails away from the surface of the disc to avoid scratching.
Don’t use an adhesive label on a disc as this ruin the data.
Don’t use a marker for writing on the disc unless it’s safe for the disc as some can eat through the top of the disc.
Avoid placing CDs and DVDs in heat or direct sunlight.
Don’t leave discs sitting in a locked car outside since the discs can actually melt from the heat.
Don’t stack discs on top of each other or store them in this way as it can cause scratching.
Don’t leave discs sitting in a media player when not in use.
Don’t twist the disc or bend it.
Don’t place discs in a horizontal fashion for storage.
Don’t write on the surface of the disc.
Don’t scratch the disc on the label side.
Don’t store or use discs in an excessively humid area.
Don’t drink alcohol around the discs.
Don’t smoke cigarettes around the discs.
Don’t use toothpaste or another foreign substance to remove scratches or clean discs.
Don’t use gasoline or kerosene on a disc.
Don’t use dirty discs in a disc player.
Don’t place it label side up on any surface.

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Caring for discs ensures that those discs remain and continue working in the future. Owners of these discs should always take care of them and store them properly. In the event of data loss or your CD, CD-RW DVD, DVD-R/RW is destroyed by heat, scratches or improper storage contact data recovery professionals.