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  • Data Recovery

    Understanding the value of digital data and the potential consequences of its loss - whether important business files or priceless family photos - Data Recovery Labs' mission is to maximize the chances of recovering your data in the most timely and cost-effective manner. We recover data from all hard disk drives (HDDs), solid-state drives (SSDs), multi-drive RAIDs and mobile devices. Our data experts are also, highly trained in recovering data from Microsoft SQL, Oracle and all other databases as well as virtualization software such as VMware.

  • Digital Forensics

    Data Recovery Labs' electronic discovery expertise allows organizations and individuals to locate and secure data for any legal case or a personal matter while reducing risks and costs. We can help you manage all technical aspects of digital discovery, including computer, database and mobile device forensics. Our forensic data engineers have extensive expertise recovering data from all storage media and will work around the clock discovering every possible bit of data to help your case.

  • Data Destruction

    We offer reliable data management programs for all IT assets focusing on secure transfer, software sanitization, data wiping and physical destruction of data to meet the data privacy and disposal legislation such as GLBA, HIPAA, FCRA, and HITECH. Securely delete data from any hard drive, server, computer, smart devices, virtual machines, flash drives, logical drives, SSDs and individual files; or take advantage of our physical data destruction options of degaussing, shredding, crushing or disintegration.


Data Recovery Process

  • Complete request form

    Please fill out the QUOTE REQUEST form or simply call. It will help us get the information we need to provide you with the best service.

  • Send in/drop off your device

    Your dedicated account representative will provide shipping instructions for a FREE, no obligation diagnostic.

  • Receive free diagnostics

    Our technicians diagnose your media in a secure, confidential manner. If you are satisfied with the information provided we will begin the recovery process. If not, we will send you your device back.

  • We perform recovery process

    Our engineers apply the latest tools to recover your data in the most effective and secure manner.

  • Approve recovered files

    To verify the recovery outcome, you will be able to review the recovered files. You will never be charged without your final approval of the recovery results.

  • Receive your data

    Once we receive your payment, the data will be returned to you. We offer a variety of delivery options, customized to meet your specific needs from shipping to immediate download.

Start Recovering Your Data with the First Contact

Submit a QUOTE REQUEST and our digital data specialist will contact you with a FREE, no-obligation consultation to:

  • Confirm your hardware, virtualization software configuration and backup system
  • Assess the data loss scenario and possible failure reasons
  • Provide advice to prevent further data loss
  • Advise on next steps for the best and most cost-effective data recovery solution

Why Choose Data Recovery Labs?

  • World-class team of engineers

    Let us demonstrate you our skills with the most complex data recovery and digital forensics cases

  • No Data, No Charge guarantee

    Free case evaluation. If we cannot recover the files you need there is no fee

  • Nationwide service

    We are always ready to respond to your data recovery needs in the most efficient and timely manner across United States and Canada

  • Personalized service

    Always speak with the dedicated case representative who understands the details of your case

  • Easy straightforward process

    From the first contact to data delivery we make the process convenient to your needs

  • Secure lab facility

    Your data is always secure with us, consistent with the highest industry encryption technology standards