Data Recovery Labs offers different service options for all types of hard drives and related technologies. We proudly offer high success rates for all drive formats regardless of physical size:

  • Desktop Data Recovery

    Our engineers, along with dedicated customer service and data recovery specialists, utilize state-of-the-art tools for identifying issues and recovering data from desktops. We offer multiple data recovery service options for recovering the most inaccessible data.

  • Laptop Data Recovery

    Because of their portability laptops are prone to higher risk of physical and logical damage resulting in data loss. We deliver high success rates for laptop drives by using specialized tools to protect media throughout the data recovery process.

  • External Hard Drive

    A large portion of non-enterprise level devices that we receive are external drives. We provide fast and secure solutions for these recoveries.

  • Solid State Drives (SSD)

    Although considered relatively robust SSDs can still fail for a number of reasons. We offer a full set of data recovery solutions for all SSD brands and interfaces.

  • RAIDs

    Using proprietary techniques, we can recover data from large capacity, enterprise-grade storage devices such as RAID, NAS, SAN, and DAS devices.

  • Encrypted Data Recovery

    We utilize proprietary tools to significantly reduce the time it takes to decrypt and recover your data.

  • Strategic partnerships with leading technology companies

    Data Recovery Labs is a recommended provider for major hardware and software vendors. These partnerships allow us to
    1) to gain unique insight into recovering data from these devices;
    2) perform intricate recovery operations without voiding device warranty.

    We also support other hard drive brands not listed above. Our large on-site hardware library allows for efficient and dependable results. Contact today to discuss your case.

  • Operating Systems Supported

    Operating system can affect the logical (non-physical) portion of the data recovery process. We provide hard drive data recovery services for all operating systems and have a team of skilled manufacturer-certified software technicians specializing in each of the following operating systems, and more.

    Our data recovery specialists can find appropriate solutions for any type of physical or non-physical failure, while providing fast and secure results. If your operating system is not on the list, please contact us to discuss your case.

Help Starts With The First Contact

During our no-obligation phone consultation our digital data specialist will:
  • Confirm your hard drive type, configuration, and backup system
  • Assess the data loss situation and possible failure causes
  • Provide advice to prevent permanent data loss
  • Advise on next steps for the most timely and most cost-efficient data recovery solution