Data Recovery Labs is the nationwide industry leader providing the fastest, most secure and reliable data recovery services. Over the past decade we have been developing innovative, cutting edge technologies which give us a unique ability to recover lost data from all types of media yielding the best possible chances for success. Our team of engineers has extensive expertise in RAID reconstruction, hard drive data recovery, NAS / SAN system repair, virtualization recovery, tape data migration, SQL database restoration, and various methods of data destruction. We accommodate everyone – from governments to businesses to individuals with personal digital requests and everyone in between. Advanced data recovery operations, unparalleled commitment to quality, and continuous R&D initiatives keep us at the forefront of the industry assuring unparalleled results to our clients.

Data Recovery Process

Our data recovery process starts with a FREE case evaluation which provides a comprehensive diagnostic report before you decide whether to proceed with your data recovery. It is a transparent process which enables you to make an informed decision about recovering data from your storage media and includes:

The safety of your media and its contents is always our priority. Our engineers will make a full copy of your media – after completing the physical repairs, if necessary – and will continue to work from the clone copy to get your data back. We offer a variety of data delivery options, customized to meet your individual needs from physical shipping to immediate download.

Reasons to Choose Data Recovery Labs

  • World-class team of engineers
  • Free evaluation service
  • No Data, No Charge guarantee
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Expertise with all operating systems and media devices
  • Custom solutions for handling encrypted files and drives
  • Nationwide locations
  • Secure lab facility
  • Dedicated case representative
  • Easy straightforward process

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Select Your Data Recovery Company Wisely

Data recovery is not an ordinary procedure as there is no simple tool that can recover the data at a click of a button. Instead data recovery involves complex electronic and micro-mechanical trouble-shooting procedures that require deep understanding of these processes. With the plethora of information online about “self-recovery” tools and dozens of fly-by-night companies advertising their services, we have noticed an influx of repeat recovery cases. Years of expertise allow us to recover most of these cases, however, some are simply unrecoverable because they were improperly handled by previous recovery attempts. The very first attempt to recover data is the most important one and the best opportunity for success. Because of this, choosing the wrong company can have a grave impact on your recovery outcome. Do not fall a victim of false promises and rely only on the proven records.