Victims of Earthquake in China Eligible for Data Recovery Discounts

Victims of Earthquake in China Eligible for Data Recovery Discounts

Common contributors to hard drive failure, what to do!

The six worst things you can do to a hard drive, and contributors to hard drive failure.

What is a Hard Drive?

The hard drive on your computer is a key element to ensuring that data is created and stored properly.

Why You Need to Keep Your Hard Drive Cool

Keep your computer running in optimum condition by keeping your hard drive cool, and avoid potential data loss caused by hard drive overheating.

Data Recovery Informational Library

Helpful Guides - Over 50 Data recovery resources and articles for before and after files disappear. These articles will assist you with data recovery, file recovery, hard drive problems, raid setup, digital forensics and data backup.

How To Back Up a Hard Drive

Resources on computer data recovery and computer hard drive backup.

Top 10 External Hard Drives

Take a look at the top ten external hard drives before making your next purchase. Recommended by Data Recovery Labs.

What Goes on in a Hard Drive

The primary components contained within the hard drive, and their processes.

Where Did My Hard Drive Space Go?

Deleting unused files, performing system checks, tune ups, and defragmenting a hard drive will keep it running smoothly with plenty of storage space.

Why Test the Speed of a Hard Drive?

Hard drive speed tests can help determine whether a crash is likely, so that you have a chance to save your important files.

Tracking Information on the Web

The Internet is not static. Web pages appear and disappear by the second, it seems. Even old reliable websites update their content on a regular basis.

Chronology of Hard Drives: Inception to Infinite Possibilities

How hard drives have evolved and where they are going.

12 Angry Computers: Court Cases with Hard Drives as Witnesses

Data Recovery and Computer Forensic Service. How hard drives prove to be irrefutable witnesses in court cases.

8 Hilarious Hard Drive Disasters

If you have ever spilled something on your laptop or dropped your digital camera, you can appreciate these amusing hard drive disasters.

A Guide to PGP Encryption

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is a type of software program that many online businesses use to encrypt and de-encrypt various types of personal data being transferred.

Ancient Greek Computer

The Antikythera Mechanism is a device discovered as part of a first century B.C. shipwreck, built and designed by the ancient Greeks.

Archiving CDs and DVDs

CD CDRW DVD DVDRW Disc optical disk data recovery service. Owning CDs and DVDs are a great way to keep favorite songs and movies on hand.

Brief History of Search Engines

Brief History of Search Engines. The evolution of the search engine has allowed every Internet user to locate the information he’s searching for at the click of a mouse.

Classic Texts of Computer Science

List of most important computer science books. Computer science the study of computers and how they work. Data recovery, programming, algorithms, and much more.

Claude Shannon Father of Information Theory

Information on Claude Shannon often referred to as the father of information theory.

Computers and Computing

A computer is a device that accepts data as facts and figures, manipulates those data using a specific procedure, and outputs the results as meaningful information.

Cybercrime: Using Computers as Evidence

Computer forensic data recovery service. Cybercrime expert data recovery investigators. Digital evidence recovery pros. Computer data forensic professionals.

Data Archiving Resources

Data archiving is the process by which old, outdated, or unused data is stored, categorized and indexed from a business mainframe or database.

Data Mining on the Web

Data mining refers to the analysis of data for the purpose of finding certain informational patterns that can be used for the benefits of an organization.

Document Imaging and Optical Character Recognition Information

Document imaging and optical character recognition (OCR) are two processes that are closely related. The former refers to a form of information technology that facilitates the replication of documents, while the latter is a method used to translate images of handwriting or typewritten text into text that can be edited by a machine.

Glossary of Electronic Terms

Glossary of electronic terms and electronic resources. Electronic terms are used by professionals and those interested in the electronics world.

Glossary of Security Terms

List of most important computer security terms. This glossary was created to assist security professionals in defining security terms commonly used by the profession and the industry, worldwide.

Hacker's Dictionary

Hackers have a negative connotation in the world. Many believe that these people do only harmful or negative things, when many work with computer companies to fix problems and find solutions for viruses and worms.

How Often Should You Backup Your Files?

Data is the single most valuable asset owned by many companies, yet data loss still costs $12 billion each year in the U.S. alone.

How to Spot an Impending Crash in Time to Save Your Files

Knowing the signs of a potential hard drive crash can give you a chance to save important files before they disappear.

How to Use an External Hard Drive

An external hard drive can be a life saver. It's easy to use and will store your back-up files in case of a computer crash.

HTML Resource Guide

HTML programming resource guide. HTML is the programming language used to create documents that are viewed on the web.

Information Retrieval Glossary

Glossary of terms that help in understanding how information retrieval works.

Internet Chain Letters

Resource information on Internet chain letters. Make sure you realize what are scams and hoaxes and what aren't by researching and becoming knowledgeable on the subject.

Internet Search Engine Tips and Tricks

Search engines have been on the Internet since the mid 1990s as a means for keeping track of all the websites that are out there.

Internet Tutorials for Teachers and Students

Internet tutorials for teachers and students. Internet research.

Security and Encryption Resources

The resources will help you find the most effective ways to achieve data security for your home or business office computer.

IP Address Resource Guide

Internet Protocol is the system that moves traffic over the Internet to specific locations. IP Address Resource Guide.

Hackers Hall of Fame

Hackers Hall of Fame Guide, which includes both black hat and white hat hackers.

Lost Files: Court Cases Compromised by Hard Drive Erasures

Businesses under indictment often delete files by "accident," but with today's computer forensic experts on the scene, it's not always the best idea.

MolView & MolView Lite

Information on Molview Macintosh application for viewing 3D images of Molecules.

Perl Programming Resources

Perl Programming Resources and Reference Guide Information.

Programming Tips, Tutorials, and Resources

Computer data recovery programming is a vast and interesting field of study. There are many areas and programs to master. Some resources to help you learn more about programming.

Robotics Resource Page

Robotics is the science of designing and developing machines that can act with limited artificial intelligence to autonomously perform tasks that might be too dangerous, too difficult, or otherwise unsuitable for humans.

Computer Security Information

Viruses, spyware, key loggers, and hackers are just a few of the threats to the security of your computer. As soon as you power up your computer, the files on it become vulnerable, even without an Internet connection.

Search Engines Through the Years

When it comes to search engines today, there are thousands of them to choose from. But, how did search engines evolve into what they are today?

Security on the Web

Internet security is a major concern for people who run businesses, search for information, and use the Internet in general.

Software Technology Information Sources

Software development is an integral part of life in the modern world. Developers use a multitude of programming languages.

Ten C's for Evaluating Internet Resources

When using online information for any type of writing, you need to make sure the information you are quoting is accurate. As you evaluate information you find on the Internet, keep these 10 C's in mind.

The Computer Virus Guide

A computer virus is capable of replicating itself in a computer, without the approval of the owner. Once the computer gets infected by a virus, it automatically loses its ability to perform at its peak.

The Government Can Seize Your Laptop!

If you're crossing the border with your laptop or another electronics device, you'll want to take some precautions to keep your information safe.

The History of Computer Programming Languages

History of computer programming languages. Programming languages are used by computer programmers to write specific sets of instructions for the computers microprocessor to read in order to complete a specific task.

The History of Computing

The history of computing began in 1936. That year, a man named Konrad Zuse invented the Z1 Computer, which was the first model to be freely programmable.

The Internet Worm of 1988

A worm is a computer program that replicates itself. It uses the internet to send its copies to other computers. It is a different form of virus program since it doesn’t need to be attached to a specific program.

The Mother Lode of Information on Your Motherboard

The motherboard is the central control for any computer. Issues with it may render the machine useless.

The Real Risks of a Government Hard Drive Crash

Is the safety and security of a government at risk in the event of a hard drive crash?

The Smallest Hard Drive on Earth

Toshiba's .85 inch hard drive, the smallest hard drive on the planet, is the size of a postage stamp - but is it actually useful?

The Spread of the Witty Worm

Background and resources on the witty worm. Look at how the worm was stopped from technological stand point.

The Story of Kaspersky Antivirus Software

The story of Kaspersky Lab, developers of the famed Kaspersky antivirus software, is an interesting one in the field of computer technology.

The Ultimate Computer Language Guide

High level programming languages have evolved as a means to enable programmers to write independent of systems specific details, in order to make programs which are highly compatible across a variety of systems.

Learning Linux

Linux is an open source operating system invented by Linus Torvlads in 1991. The name Linux is pronounced the same as 'Lin' in the word Linen, and this is also how its creator pronounces his name, though some mistakenly pronounce it 'lie nux'.

Types of Graphs

How to choose which type of graph to use? Resource guide offering information on different types of graphs.

Unicode Fonts

When fonts were first established they emerging in the countries where the personal computer was invented and popularized.

Using Your Hard Drive to Find out if Your Spouse is Cheating

If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, it may be as easy to discover as turning on your computer and searching your hard drive for forensic evidence.

What are Microsoft Power Tools?

List of most popular Microsoft power tools. ClearType Tuner, SyncToy, Tweak UI, Power Calculator, Image Resizer, Virtual Desktop Manager, Webcam Timershot

What is a Redundant Array of Independent Drives - RAID?

When it comes to storing important data and enhancing system performance, going with a redundant array of independent drives ( RAID ) is hard to beat.

What is Overclocking?

What is computer overclocking? Hardware reviews, how-to guides, and the latest in computer tech news.

Windows NT Tips and Tricks

List of Windows NT and Windows 95 Tips and Tricks. Resources on Microsoft Windows Operating System. Help tutorials.

Women in Computer Science

Not many women make their marks in computer science these days, and there are reasons why this is so.