Enterprise Data Solutions

We understand the needs of our enterprise clients and consistently deliver industry-leading results while significantly reducing system downtime. Our data specialists use state-of-the-art, non-invasive techniques to retrieve data from RAID arrays, virtual machines, flash servers, databases, ERP accounting systems, mail servers and other mission-critical storage devices for organizations of all sizes. We offer a wide array of recovery options and protect data privacy with a secure data recovery process that complies with all IT regulatory standards.

Individual Storage Solutions

Data Recovery Labs engineers have years of data recovery experience and have retrieved data from practically every situation imaginable. We routinely recover lost data from failed storage media that cannot be accessed by normal means, from lost photos stored on a flash device to physically damaged laptops. Our data specialists offer customized recovery solutions adapted to your individual needs. Whether you have a logical or physical data loss case, we can help you recover your data in a timely, safe and cost-effective manner.


If You Suspect Data Loss

Stop all activity

  • Do not panic
  • Power off the device
  • Do not attempt DIY recovery

Examine situation

  • Determine the physical risks to yourself and others
  • Assess device safety

Record data loss details

  • Write down error messages and notifications
  • Note unusual sounds or smells
  • Consider the data loss consequences

Contact expert

  • Contact a reputable data recovery company

Following these steps can help to minimize the damage and get you back up and running quicker.

Download the procedure here.

Data Recovery Labs Advantage

  • No Data, No Charge guarantee – if we do not recover you data, you do not pay.
  • Fast turnaround options, including emergency data recovery services.
  • Expertise in all RAID arrays with multiple drive failures.
  • Safe recovery methods, including sector-by-sector images of the source drive.
  • Flexible service options to meet your individual needs.
  • Cleanroom facility to safely perform complex component recoveries in a particle-free environment.
  • Adherence to strict security protocols to meet various requirements of organizations and governments.
  • Secure recycling of old storage media, including DOD-approved permanent data destruction tools.