Data Recovery Labs is the leader in RAID Data Recovery industry providing recovery, repair and discovery services for all Redundant Array of Independent Drive (RAID) arrays, NAS, SAN and other multi-disk server configurations of all brands, media formats and operating systems. Using the vast knowledge, proprietary technology and tools for RAID Array storage technology, experience and a long track of satisfied clients, our RAID recovery specialists can help in any data loss scenario.

Why RAIDs Fail?

RAID systems are often used to store critical data because they are relatively fault tolerant. Many RAID systems are designed to keep working even when one disk fails so that drives can be swapped while the system is running. However, even such RAID configurations are not completely fault-proof as they can only offset the failure of a single drive. RAID system alone is defenseless against multiple drive failures. Each RAID data loss case is unique, but there are a few common categories of RAID failure: hardware failure, software failure and human error:

  • RAID Hardware Failure

    Although built to withstand individual drive failure, like any other electronic device, RAIDs can fail. Some of the most common failure scenarios are: 

  • RAID Software Failure

    Software-related malfunctions at reading, writing, transmission, or processing stages can lead to anything from partial data loss to complete system crash: 

  • Human Error

    Whether accidental or because of a malicious intent data loss from human factors of any severity can be treated by expert data recovery engineers: 

What to do when RAID System Fails

Do not run CHKDSK

Running FSHK or CHKDSK can permanently change the file system structure, significantly reducing the chances of full recovery. If desired – and assuming there is a good backup of the data – these repair tools can be run in read-only mode to find any major corruption issues before repairs are made.

Power off

If the system is making unusual noises, turn it off immediately. Operating a physically damaged disk can worsen the data loss situation and significantly complicate the recovery process.

Restore backup

Prior to making any software or hardware changes, restore a backup of RAID data to a different location. Always verify your backups.

Do not use software

Do not attempt software recovery unless you are sure it will not write anything to the faulty disk. Some recovery software will automatically write to the source disk, minimizing the chances of successful recovery.

Zero out replacement

Do not replace a failed drive with a drive that was part of a RAID system. Make sure to zero out the replacement drive before use.

Do not rebuild

Create image drives before attempting a rebuild. If a RAID fails during a rebuild process, stop any further rebuild attempts.

Label drives

Label the drives with their position in a RAID system before removing them from your server.

Contact experts

Contact a data recovery professional before attempting the recovery on your own.
Following these steps can help to minimize the RAID server damage and get you back up and running quicker.

RAID Data Retrieval Services

Our engineers backed by over 20 years of RAID repair and data recovery experience, have the knowledge and state-of-the-art tools to deliver consistent results. Whether you are experiencing locked databases preventing system access, corrupted database data, deleted tables or applications that are unable to load files, Data Recovery Labs can help avoid unnecessary downtime for your business after a server crash or other unexpected event. Our facilities are able to adapt easily to accommodate the largest amounts of data and we are ready to handle any case. We perform RAID data repairs on all of the following RAID servers and configurations and more:

Any RAID level
Any RAID server makes, media and controller cards
Any server interfaces, hard disk types and models

Don’t see your RAID system listed here? Contact us to discuss other RAID options with one of our experienced data recovery specialists.


Guaranteed Results Without Downtime

Oftentimes RAID data recovery a much more intensive and time-consuming process than hard drive data recovery, and for many businesses, the stakes are much higher. We understand the critical nature of your data – lost data means lost resources and sometimes even a lost business – and in order to recover files in the quickest manner Data Recover Labs maintains a qualified team of RAID specialists to offer the best solutions tailored to your needs. To further aid you our No Data, No Charge guarantee and 24/7 emergency services allow us to provide an unparalleled service in the industry.