Our certified professionals can overcome technical challenges associated with SSD flash technology, such as decoding particular SSD data structures from different manufacturers, working with specialized controller chips and interface standards, including PCI Express (PCIe), SATA, and DIMM. We use proprietary tools and techniques to recover from types of SSD data loss cases, even when other companies have deemed it impossible. Data Recovery Labs offers secure, flexible and cost-effective solutions. Please submit the details of your case to start the recovery process now.

We recover from any brand, model or make of SSD

Our team of experienced engineers combined with strategic partnerships with major manufacturers allows us to offer the best solutions for SSD data recoveries from individual drives to enterprise storage systems.

    • Intel
    • Transcend
    • Toshiba
    • Seagate
    • PatriotMemory
    • STEC
    • SanDisk
    • Western Digital
    • Samsung
    • PNY Technologies
    • Micron
    • Crucial
    • OCZ Technology
    • Kingston Technology
    • Pure Storage
    • Violin Memory
    • Diablo Technologies
    • Microsemi
    • Foremay
    • Kaminario
    • HGST
    • EMC
    • BiTMICRO
    • V&G / RunCore
    • InnoDisk
    • Memblaze
    • Tegile Systems
    • Virtium
    • Cactus Technologies
    • Nimbus Data Systems
    • Netlist
    • NxGn
    • HP
    • IBM
    • Marvell
    • Silicon Motion
    • Viking
    • SolidFire
    • Radian Memory
    • Nimble
    • Super Talent Technology
    • Other

We offer a vast SSD solution set for recovery cases of various complexities. Please contact our specialists, if you don't see your brand listed


Typical Causes for SSD Data Loss

Although with solid state drives you do not have to worry about mechanical components failure, electronic components can certainly fail. Data loss can occur with SSD storage devices due to physical damage to the flash chips and how data is logically stored on them. Also, SSDs are prone to traditional data loss events such as human factors, software corruption, computer viruses, and natural disasters. Some common failure types with SSD storage devices are: