Secure Media Destruction Process

Managing end-of-life media is a serious undertaking. Besides posing environmental hazards, every retired IT device poses potential data security risks. Data Recovery Labs specializes in data destruction utilizing processes and technology developed by world-class storage engineers. We offer reliable and cost-effective data management programs for all IT assets focusing on secure transfer, software sanitization, data wiping and physical destruction of data to meet the data privacy and disposal legislation such as GLBA, HIPAA, FCRA, HITECH and other regulations. Depending on our client’s risk tolerance, Data Recovery Labs offers a portfolio of data security and asset recovery solutions to meet all business and individual needs. We document our secure data destruction processes and offer secure and compliant solutions for hospitals, schools, government offices and other organizations.

We offer data destruction for any type of media in need of erasure for reuse or disposal. Our data destruction process varies depending on the media type and the number of storage devices. We can delete data from all data-containing devices and media including hard drives, logical drives, optical discs, magnetic media, servers, computers, smart devices, virtual machines, flash drives, SSDs, or individual files. For additional security, Data Recovery Labs offers physical destruction of data-containing storage devices and systems with degaussing, shredding, crushing and disintegration methods. We provide you with a detailed report and a Certificate of Destruction for each case for audit and compliance purposes and if needed, will dispose of your media in an environmentally-friendly manner.

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Data destruction verification service

Is your data destruction method 100% effective?

Data wiping is an important part of the data management lifecycle. Verifying existing data destruction procedures adds security when disposing or repurposing the end-of-life storage devices. We can help you verify the security of your existing erasure processes for any storage devices and media. Submit your erased drives to Data Recovery Labs and our data recovery specialists will examine them to make sure they are completely free of data. All of our procedures are secure and compliant and we use a multi-tiered approach in order to confirm that all traces of data have been eliminated. If we cannot find data on your storage device, no one will. Let us take care of all of your data destruction needs to protect your business from any data leaks.

Advantages of Data Recovery Labs media disposal and destruction services

  • Proof of security through audit reports and destruction certification
  • Extensive hardware inventory for all advanced media destruction processes
  • Support for all storage device types and system configurations
  • Dedicated client support and real-time process updates
  • Secure services from a Certified Green Business

Data Migration Services

If you do not want to permanently destroy your digital media, Data Recovery Labs also offers file deletion and data migration services between all storage types, formats, and computer systems. Whether you are replacing a server, upgrading storage equipment, or performing an application migration, or data center relocation, data migration is a key consideration for any organization. When you need an effective resource for media destruction and disposal Data Recovery Labs provides secure and compliant business solutions. We treat hundreds of cases each year, and our teams provide exceptional results with flexible turnaround options. To discuss available solutions contact our customer service team today for a FREE consultation.