We offer a wide range of forensic services covering all digital devices, including email, database, computers (workstations / servers / laptops), and other digital devices (GPS units, phone systems, game consoles, USB sticks, flash drives, and SD cards). No matter the complexity of the case and the information you are looking for – deleted emails, erased documents or photographs, Internet browsing history or general computer usage habits – we will work around the clock discovering every possible bit of data to help your criminal or civil case.

Data Recovery Labs experts routinely recover incriminating data from all types of computer systems and offer advanced digital forensic services for all hardware and media to:

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Mobile device forensics

Whether it is a human resources legal case (employer misconduct, employee privacy, copyright infringement, or theft of company property), or a personal matter of cheating or spousal infidelity, our engineers can retrieve emails, internet browser activity, and chat logs from instant messaging programs. No matter how much emails and other files have been modified or even entirely deleted, Data Recovery Labs proprietary tools allow to restore these data with industry-leading success rates. Likewise, we can retrieve data from any mobile devices, including cell phones and tablets of any manufacturer. Some of the common types of data retrieved and examined during a forensic investigation include:

  • Emails (sent / received / deleted)
  • Contact names and phone numbers
  • Address book entries
  • Call logs (dialed / received calls, call durations and times)
  • Text/ SMS messages
  • Photos / graphics / videos
  • Social media and chat applications

Database forensics

Data Recovery Labs engineers specialize in investigative services for all major databases such as SQL Server and Oracle. Our highly trained experts have working knowledge of management systems, source code repositories and document management systems, to provide advanced services to review file lifecycles. We offer discovery services for SQL data, such as server sessions, connections info, user requests, transaction logs, server Logs, server database files and SQL server trace files. Our engineers routinely recover various database contents and metadata, including keywords, descriptions, annotations and document comments, all of which can provide valuable insights into corporate espionage, data breach and other mission-critical cases.

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