Data Archiving Resources

Data archiving is the process by which old, outdated, or unused data is stored, categorized and indexed from a business mainframe or database. This involves periodic data searches for unused or old data held within a system. This data must then be examined to determine if it should be archived. Data storage is growing at a rate of one hundred twenty-five percent each year. If data is not sorted and indexed correctly, it has the capacity to crash a system, mainframe or a web server, and lead to data loss. In the event of data loss it is strongly recommended to contact a data recovery company. The process by which data is sorted and archived differs from one application to another, but they all share some similarities such as data retention policies, a standard archiving hierarchy, a specific methodology and indexing system for each kind of data, as well as the ability to run a separate archive database to improve system speed.

Data archiving and the management of that data is of key importance to organizations the world over. A company will need to keep their financial information on file or stored for an extended period of time, as well as the information of clients, and the transactions that happen between them. The proper management of the archived data allows for higher levels of efficiency within the system, which leads to higher productivity rates within the organization. One of the key components of proper archiving is to anticipate the future; in other words the archived data must remain readable for years, regardless of the changes in technology, hardware, and common database languages.

Useful Links:

A Joint Project of the North Carolina State University Libraries and the North Carolina Center for Geographic Information and Analysis for Archiving
Office of Population Research at Princeton
Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research
Data and Information Services Center - A List of Data Archives in the US
Social Sciences Data Archives from the University of California Irvine
Statistics Lab of Carnegie Melon University - A Collection of Documents, Mathematical Software and Address Lists
Washington State Geospatial Data Archive
JSE Data Archive
Life Sciences Data Archive from NASA
Stanford University Data Archives
The Institute of Social Science Research Data Archive at UCLA
Practices of Data Archiving
Data Archiving Resources
SAP Data Archiving
Roper Center Data Archives at the University of Connecticut
Tropical Storms Data Archive at the University of Hawaii
Altimeter Data Archive University of Colorado Boulder
Data Archiving Services
A US Navy Data Archive
Data Archive Services
Data Archives from the Odum Institute
Archive of American Religious Data
How to Archive Data from an SQL Database
Statlib Data Archive
'Swift' Satellite Data Archive: NASA

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