Document Imaging and Optical Character Recognition Information

Document imaging and optical character recognition (OCR) are two processes that are closely related. The former refers to a form of information technology that facilitates the replication of documents, while the latter is a method used to translate images of handwriting or typewritten text into text that can be edited by a machine. These processes can be combined to enable translation, reproduction, and transferring of information, which are usually done through facsimile machines, microfilm, copiers, scanners, and other devices.

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Use of Document Imaging and Optical Character Recognition

In the task of reproducing handwritten, printed, or typewritten documents, the documents will be translated into machine-editable text by optical character recognition first, and then, they will scanned and converted into digital images by document imaging, so that they can be stored in CDs, DVDs, or other kinds of storage. Document imaging and optical character recognition make the process of storing and transferring information more convenient, efficient, and effective.

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Document Imaging and Optical Character Recognition Software and Products

There are numerous document imaging and optical character recognition software programs and products that are available in the market. In some of these products, optical character recognition is offered as a feature of a document imaging tool, and they are capable of performing the various tasks that are required to translate and store documents.

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Conferences and News in the Industry

Document imaging and optical character recognition technologies are constantly improving as efforts are being made to create better solutions for various tasks such as document scanning, document capture, optical storage, forms processing, integrated management of documents, content management, document storage, and others. Here is a list of links to information and news about the latest developments in the document imaging and optical character recognition industry.

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