8 Hilarious Hard Drive Disasters

If you have ever spilled something on your laptop or dropped your digital camera, you can appreciate these amusing hard drive disasters.

It is amazing what a hard drive can go through and still be salvaged. It seems almost impossible to believe any data can be recovered from these disasters, but shockingly, in many cases, it can. These hilarious stories illustrate what a hard drive can endure.

One man reported that his laptop no longer worked and he could not turn the power on. Once a technician arrived to pick up the laptop and bring it back for repair, he found several holes drilled through the bottom. When the technician asked the customer about the holes, the customer responded that he had the laptop on his lap and it became hot, so he drilled the holes to cool it.

A customer brought in a laptop for data recovery service he claimed was broken and under warranty. He needed several files saved on the hard drive that were the only copies he had for his boss who was about to attend a business meeting with a multi-million dollar client. When the tech looked at the laptop he saw tire marks across the top of it and the screen was shattered. The employee accidentally left his work laptop on the hood of his car and ran over it.

Once, a computer was brought in and a customer claimed whenever she turned it on she received error messages and it would shut off. When a technician opened it up he found dozens of candy wrappers shoved in through the floppy drive. It turned out her son was sneaking candy and hiding the wrappers in the computer.

It was the birth of a couple’s first child and the new dad took dozens of pictures of the beautiful event with the family digital camera. Upon arriving home from the hospital, he was shooting the baby’s first bath and accidentally dropped the camera into the baby tub. He had not yet downloaded any of the pictures off of the memory stick and his wife threatened to divorce him if he was not able to retrieve the pictures from this hard drive disaster.

A Psychology Master’s student had spent an entire semester researching and writing her thesis. She saved all of the data and the thesis to her flash drive. Before class one day her roommate asked her to feed the fish and without realizing it, when she leaned over the fish tank the drive that she kept around her neck went right into the tank, along with the only copy of her thesis that had taken months to write.

Another school tale includes a student who wanted to impress a girl who was an art major and class project partner. He purchased a can of bright blue spray paint and sprayed his entire computer, including the screen and keyboard. He thought this creative scheme would impress her but he was shocked when the computer would not turn on after the paint job. The next day he picked up a bottle of paint thinner and tried to remove the paint but it did not help. When his partner came over to work on the project, she discovered that all of the notes and work were saved on the newly painted computer. She was not impressed.

A customer called and said his laptop would not turn on after traveling abroad. He brought in the grimy machine and set it on the table. The disk drive cover popped off and a small bug scurried out. Once it was opened up it was discovered roaches had moved in and infested the laptop. Workers took the entire device apart to get all of the bugs out and were able to save the hard drive.

Imagine dropping a laptop from hundreds of feet in the air. A high rise window washer decided to bring his laptop to work with him to use while on a break. At approximately 100 stories in the air he accidentally dropped it. Little did he know his wife had saved most of their wedding pictures to the hard drive and the disk they were on was still inside the laptop.

Even though these entertaining hard drive disasters seem hopeless to fix, it is important to have your drive evaluated after any incident. Data recovery technology today is cutting edge and even what you thought was impossible to recover is possible to regain.

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