Internet Tutorials for Teachers and Students

Learning to use the Internet and all the things available on it can be tough for new students as well as new teachers. This is why it’s beneficial for beginning users to go through some online tutorials to get acquainted with the basics as well as learn more about the possibilities of the Internet. Here are some links that should help beginning users to learn how to use the Internet.

Basic Internet
Internet Basics Tutorial: Offers helpful tutorials as well as information on the Internet.
The Basics: Tutorial that explains simpler aspects of the Internet.
Tutorial Links: A compilation of good tutorial links
Tutorial for Newcomers : Explains the very basics of the Internet for new users.
Internet Basics Page: Discusses the basics of using the Internet.

Search Engines, Subject Directories, & the Deep Web
Basic Search Tutorial : A tutorial that explains how searching the Internet works.
Searching the Web: Interactive tutorial that explains how to use search engines.
Commercial Subject Directories: Explains all about subject directories and when to use them.
Subject Directories and Search Engines: Discusses subject directories and search engines.

Research Guides
Research on the Internet : Explains how to research using on the Internet.
Researching on the Web: Tutorials on how to use the Internet for research.
Data Recovery: Good resources for recovering lost data from a hard drive failure.
Raid 5 Data Recovery : Provides suggestions in the event of Raid 5 data failure.
Evaluating Pages : Explains how to properly research and determine if pages should be used for research purposes.
Hard Drive Data Recovery : Information on computer hard drives, drive data recovery , and raid recovery.
Los Angeles Data Recovery : Center for data recovery services in Los Angeles California.

Internet Explorer
IE6 Tutorial: Tutorial that explains the basic of IE6.
Internet Explorer Tutorial: General tutorial explaining the basics of Internet Explorer.
IE Tutorials: Some tutorials for IE 6, IE7 and IE8.

Netscape Composer Tutorial: Tutorial site for Netscape’s Composer software.
Introduction to Composer: An extensive Composer tutorial.
Netscape Web Mail Tutorial: Detailed tutorial explaining how to use Netscape WebMail.

Lynx Help for Beginners : Guide for beginner Lynx users.
Lynx MPG Tutorial : A tutorial explaining how to use the Lynx MPG program.

Software Training
Graphics Tutorial : A tutorial explaining graphics.
FTP Tutorial : Explains about FTP and how to use it.