Robotics Resource Page

Robotics is the science of designing and developing machines that can act with limited artificial intelligence to autonomously perform tasks that might be too dangerous, too difficult, or otherwise unsuitable for humans. There are a variety of subfields in robotics, reflecting the huge variety of uses robots have in industry, science, the military, and other fields. Robots come in a range of shapes and sizes, but they are united by their reliance on advanced computer programming to provide instructions that simulate “thought” and allow them to perform. As such, computer science and robotics work hand-in-hand. Research and development of advanced artificial intelligence requires powerful computing and often calls for collaboration between multiple research groups. This collaboration uses traditional Internet applications as well as “distributed computing” over networks – which helps give computers enough processing power to simulate and test incredibly complex artificial intelligence designs.

The Tech Museum: Robotics: Archive of full information about the robotics exhibit at The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California, including information that compares how human and robots sense, think, and act. Intended for younger readers.
Robotics Online: Official website of the Robotics Industries Association, providing content all about robotic research, construction, and implementation in the industrial sector.
Open Directory: Robotics: Directory of verified Internet resources all about robotics.
Android World: Website devoted to international news about the development of humanoid-type robots.
BBC Robot World : Archived information on robot-related television programs along with interactive, step-by-step instructions on constructing basic robots.
Go Robotics: Amateur robotics website offering news and videos on robotics for hobbyists.
Humanoid Robotics: Information on a huge variety of robotics-related topics from Idaho National Laboratory, including humanoid robots, adaptive intelligence for robots, remote control
use, the intricacies of object manipulation for robots, and more.
Learn About Robots: Nonprofit site offering introductory information about the use of robots in a variety of fields, including research, entertainment, law enforcement, and several
others. Includes a glossary of robotics terms.
Robotics at Popular Mechanics : Latest in journalism about robotics from Popular Mechanics. Robot use in the news, inventors who create robots, and a variety of other robot-related
Robo Festa: Schedule, events, and news for Robo Festa, an international robotics competition. Links to partner sites in various languages that collect robotics news and information in their countries.
Robotics Trends: Information and resources on commercial robotics, including personal robotics, service robots, security, industrial robots, academic applications, and more.
Robots Net: News and videos related to advanced robot research and construction projects.
2010 Robotics Conference : Information on the 2010 Robotics: Science and Systems Conference, with events, workshops, and more. Information for participants, researchers, and other interested parties.
Seattle Robotics Society : A nonprofit volunteer society for those in the Seattle area who want to learn about and build robots.
The Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon : Center for robotics research at Carnegie Mellon University, one of the leading institutions for higher education in engineering in the United States.
IEEE Robotics and Automation Society : News and events on robot research and building from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the foremost nonprofit, professional association for the advancement of electrical technology in the U.S.
AITopics: Robots: Topical articles on various subjects related to simulated cognition in robots. Also includes a variety of resources for educators and students, Frequently Asked Questions, and a wide range of other content.
Dallas Personal Robotics Group: Self-described “special interest group” focused on the development of autonomous robots, also professing an interest in robot-related art and replicas.
International Journal of Robotics Research : Scholarly journal devoted to the latest in robotics research. Articles are publicly-accessible, with archives going back to 2000.
Laboratory Robotics Interest Group : Organization that collects information and promotes activities and research relating to use of robotic automation in laboratory environments.
The Robot Hall of Fame: Nonprofit organization that recognizes excellence in robotics technology with an annual award based upon the sophistication and capabilities of the newest-model robots.
RoboGames: Information on the RoboGames, an international competition for engineers and designers to pit their robots against one another in over 70 different events. Also includes multimedia and educational resources.
Robotics Domain Task Force: Advanced robotics research group that seeks to foster the development of modular components for robotic systems.
Journal of Field Robotics : Information and archive of articles for this international academic journal, which focuses on the adaptation of robotic technology to dynamic environments.
The Origin of Robots and Robotics: Overview information on the history of robotics from the origin of the term to the modern application of robotic science. Hosted by the University of Texas at Austin, which also maintains other content regarding robots.
The Harvard Robotics Laboratory : News and information on research projects and outcomes pertaining to robots at Harvard University.
Georgia Tech Mobile Robots Lab : Information, research, publications, software, and a gallery of photographs pertaining to robotics research at Georgia Tech.
Introduction to Robots at Stanford School of Engineering: Introductory course materials available online, free of charge, from the Stanford School of Engineering. Includes lectures, syllabi, course handouts, and other supporting documents.
Educational Robotics : Information on applications of robotics for the education of children from middle school to high school. Aimed at educators and others in the community who work with kids, it includes news, events, and information on developing classroom materials.
Brown Robotics Group: News and information from the robotics and autonomous technologies research group at Brown University.