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Software development is an integral part of life in the modern world; software handles most every aspect of daily life in one way or another, from banking to garbage disposal. Developers use a multitude of programming languages, development tools and information sources, such as communities, to achieve their programming goals.

One of the most common languages for programming and software development is C++ or C Plus Plus; this language is a middle level language used for a variety of applications as it holds aspects of both high level programming features and low level features. This language is extremely versatile and can be found in use in most applications used in laptops, desktops and tablet PCs. C++ allows for many errors in coding to be identified early in the process of development. This is due to it being "statically typed" as opposed to being "dynamically typed." Languages like Java, C++, and Pascal are static languages while Javascript, php, and Objective-C are dynamically typed languages.

The C++ language has been designed and implemented to support multiple styles, such as procedural programming, object oriented programming and data abstraction. This allows for C++ to be used in multiple environments and for different end results. C++ is also marked by not being platform specific, meaning it can work with any operating system from Mac’s to PC’s, and from Novell platforms to Linux. Object oriented programming, which is part of the C++ language, is a key component of software development and is now part of the basic computer programming courses at most universities.

Object oriented programming, or OOP, uses objects that are defined and their interactions with the design of applications and software. One of the main reasons OOP has entered into the mainstream is the GUI or graphic user interface. Essentially the "objects" let the user see and interact with the software via graphic representation instead of command prompts. OOP has been integrated into operating systems like Mac OSX. Objects are more like independent machines that can run on their own or in cooperation with other objects. An object oriented program is a collection of objects that operate and run together providing classes, methods, and routines that manipulate its own data structure.

To assist developers in their endeavors, software development tools have been created to simplify the process. Software applications like Eclipse C/C++ development software and Visual Studio help to maintain proper and logical code while performing the necessary functions for C++, OOP and many other programming languages in a visual environment; these tools work much in the same way as HTML editors like Front Page and Dreamweaver. In addition to tools such as the fore mentioned programs and software, there are forums and developer communities where developers can gain useful information from other developers. This way they can learn from each other’s experience and develop more efficient software that is specified for a particular application. Software can be used to perform data recovery .

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