The Story of Kaspersky Antivirus Software

The story of Kaspersky Lab, developers of the famed Kaspersky antivirus software, is an interesting one in the field of computer technology. The success of the company was a joint effort between Eugene Kaspersky and his wife. Though Eugene created the software, it was actually Natalia who managed the business. There are a lot of myths surrounding the Kaspersky success and more of them still continue to appear. According to internet forums, there is no doubt that without the participation of Natalia Kaspersky, the company would never have been a success.

Eugene and Natalia met in the 1987 during the KGB holiday known as “Severskoye”. Several guys including Eugene were paying court Natalia and her friends. Their romance had its consequences on Eugene’s studies because he only got a “good” mark in his diploma. Natalia later worked for a design bureau, five minutes away from their home. Meanwhile, Eugene worked at the Ministry of Defense as a programmer. On his spare time, he developed antivirus programs. Antivirus programs help prevent data loss from computer worms and viruses. By preventing data loss this saves the user from having to contact a data recovery company for information on data recovery services .

Later, Eugene joined a “Kami” company while Natalie joined the organization as a shop assistant. Initially, Eugene was hesitant to work with Natalie because he felt that it could lead to a break-up. In time, it was proven that he was right. Eugene Kaspersky is now married to another woman while Natalie Kaspersky became one of the top 10 businesswomen in Russia. But before the break-up, they were able to set up Kaspersky Lab. It became one of the largest technology developers in the world.

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