Tracking Information on the Web

The Internet is not static. Web pages appear and disappear by the second, it seems. Even old reliable websites update their content on a regular basis. Bookmarks are useful only for keeping tabs on what pages you visit. Even social bookmark sites don't help you keep up with changes to pages that you have already visited. Sure, you could stay up night and day, clicking through every link in your bookmarks, so you don't miss anything new! There's a better way to stay on top of the Web's freshest content.

Blogs change much more often than websites. Some of the most prolific blog writers average three to five posts per day. Technorati is the best source for updated blog content because blog owners automatically send a message (ping) to the Technorati site when they complete an update. Once you register at Technorati, you can receive email alerts about new content on topics that you want to keep up with or on specific blogs that ping Technorati when they update their content. These topics can include information on data recovery, hard drive data recovery , raid data recovery , as well information on data recovery service in general.

RSS and Web feeds are lifesavers if you want to keep track of a few blogs and websites. Many popular blogs have a button on the site that allows you to sign up as a subscriber. You'll get updates from these blogs through your browser's feed reader or popular software like Google Reader. RSS is not just for blogs, now. Video, music, and social networking sites like Twitter now offer a way to stay up to date on the latest happening. You can configure most tracking programs for email notification. You can even follow breaking stories in online newspapers like the Wall Street Journal. Monitor websites that don't offer a feed yet with the Dapper software download. If you want to keep track of discussions in your favorite forums, there's an application designed for that too.

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