Women in Computer Science

Not many women make their marks in computer science these days, and there are reasons why this is so. When computer science first became a popular field of study in the 1980's, the world of computing was actually seen as an equal ground for both men and women, and there was a steady increase in the number of women who enrolled for computer studies. Recently, however, there is a huge drop in the number of women who take up computer courses. There are a number of reasons why this is happening, and why there is a need to bring more women back to the world of computing .

Why Women Choose Other Careers
One of the main reasons why women choose other careers instead of a career in computer science is because computer scientists are required to keep themselves updated constantly. The world of computing requires a computer scientist to be updated with the latest developments in the industry. It is not that women are not up to the challenge, or they are too lazy to continue learning, but the urge to start a family and to go into motherhood often outweighs the drive to succeed in the world of computing. Another reason can be the misconception that computer science revolves around computer programming only. The course actually covers more than just programming, and it offers a rather broad spectrum of studies that women can excel in.

Why Women Should Consider Careers in Computer Science
One of the reasons why more women should consider working as a computer scientist is because computer science is actually not as difficult as they think. While many people may think that computer science requires strong mathematical skills, there are a lot of aspects of computer science that need strong linguistic skills as well, which is something that women are generally strong in. One such aspect is the code used for programming. While it is a computer based language, computer code is still a language, and linguistics is an area that can be interesting to women. Also, working with computers involves things like managing data, and other similar activities. Men are generally more careless, and they are not as organized as women. Therefore, women will do exceedingly well in this aspect of computer science, and they may not have to resort to data recovery as often as men do.

There have been a number of notable women who have contributed greatly to the world of computing. Some of them are Ada Lovelace , Rosa Peter, Grace Murray Hopper , Alexandra Illmer Forsythe, Margaret R. Fox, Erna Schneider Hoover, Alice Burks, Adele Goldstein, and Joan Margaret Winters. These women have proven that computer science is not a field that only men can excel in.

There are organizations that encourage women to choose a career in computer science, and these are run by women who have become authorities in the field of computer science. While fewer women are seen pursuing computer studies, there is still a lot of support from those who believe that women do have a place in the world of computing.