Raid 0 Data Recovery by Data Recovery Labs

Data Recovery Labs is the leader in the IT industry's Raid Data Recovery market. Providing in house data recovery services for all Redundant Array of Independent Drive (RAID) configurations, NAS, SAN and multi disk server configurations.

Raid 0 is known as the striped set without parity. Raid 0 provides improved performance and additional storage but does not provide fault tolerance. If a disk failure occurs it will destroy the array. The more disks in the array the higher the chances of the raid failure. Single disk failure destroys the entire raid array because when data is written to a Raid 0 drive, the data is broken into fragments. The number of fragments is dictated by the number of disks in the drive. The fragments are written to their respective disks simultaneously on the same sector. This allows smaller sections of the entire chunk of data to be read off the drive in parallel, giving this type of arrangement huge bandwidth. More disks in the array means higher bandwidth, but also makes gives you greater risk of data loss.

Raid 0 are standard on high-end gaming and graphic computers.

Raid Data Recovery Labs storage engineers have extensive experience with RAID 0 data recovery. Raid Data Recovery Labs has developed custom tools and techniques to successfully perform RAID 0 data recovery. Constant development of our software and hardware insures that we have the very latest techniques and technology to produce the best recoveries possible.

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