Raid 1 Data Recovery by Data Recovery Labs

Data Recovery Labs is the leader in the IT industry's Raid Data Recovery market. Providing in house data recovery services for all Redundant Array of Independent Drive (RAID) configurations, NAS, SAN and multi disk server configurations for all operating systems and storage media.

Raid 1 Mirrored set without parity. Provides fault tolerance from disk errors and single disk failure. Raid 1 creates an exact copy ( mirror ) of a set of data on two or more hard disk drives. Advantage of Raid 1 array is one write or two reads possible per mirrored pair. 100% redundancy of data means no rebuild is necessary in case of a disk failure, just a copy of the replacement disk. The disadvantages include highest disk overhead of all Raid types. Typically the raid function is done by system software, loading the CPU / Server and possibly degrading throughput at the high activity levels. Raid 1 arrays are considered a good option for data protection however we commonly will receive Raid 1 arrays due to corrupted mirrors, bad data being duplicated on to the other drive, improper rebuild, as well as not being able to boot into the operating system.

Raid Data Recovery Labs storage engineers have extensive experience with RAID 1 data recovery. Raid Data Recovery Labs has developed custom tools and techniques to successfully perform RAID 1 data recovery. Constant development of our software and hardware insures that we have the very latest techniques and technology to produce the best recoveries possible.

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