Raid 10 Data Recovery by Data Recovery Labs

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Raid 10 is a nested RAID level and can be described as striped mirroring. Like RAID 0+1, RAID 10 provides the benefits of both reliance and performance. Multiple RAID 1 arrays are grouped into a single RAID 0 array and the striping of blocks is mirrored via the child arrays. A RAID 10 array can lose all but one drive in each of the child RAID 1 arrays without compromising data integrity. However, if all the drives in one child RAID 1 array should be lost, the entire RAID 10 array will be compromised as would be the case for a single drive loss in a RAID 0 array.

RAID 10 is very popular for high transaction applications such as databases as write speeds are very good with quite acceptable levels of data security and integrity. The total capacity of a RAID 10 array is sum(N/2) where N is the number of drives in the array and count(N) is even.

Raid Data Recovery Labs storage engineers have extensive experience with RAID 10 data recovery. Raid Data Recovery Labs has developed custom tools and techniques to successfully perform RAID 10 data recovery. Constant development of our software and hardware insures that we have the very latest techniques and technology to produce the best recoveries possible.

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