FileMaker Pro is a relational database management system (RDBMS) compatible with both Mac OS and Windows operating systems. Hundreds of organizations around the world rely on the FileMaker Platform to share contacts, manage projects, change content, and track inventory. Its flexibility, ease of integration and affordability make it an excellent option for businesses that need an intuitive, user-friendly cross-platform database.

Data Recovery Labs offers a comprehensive set of FileMaker Pro data recovery services including file recovery and various storage environments repair, including RAID, NAS and SAN. We can efficiently repair tables and data from a corrupt FileMaker database, without altering their original format (.FM, .FP, .FMP, .DBF etc).

FileMaker Failure

Although FileMaker is a relatively reliable program, it is not completely failure proof. Most organizations store their databases on servers with various RAID configurations which can lose data due to multiple hard drive failures and other mechanical failures. If a FileMaker Pro database is stored at a single physical location such failure will prevent users from accessing the valuable data. Logical data issues such as accidental deletion and file corruption can also make the database inaccessible.

FileMaker has built-in security functions against some common failure issues associated with relational database management applications. However, when failures occur, it is important to take appropriate actions to prevent further damage. First, make a note of any notable events that preceded the failure, such as error messages, and immediately turn your storage device off. Do not attempt to repair your databases, especially if your files are stored on a RAID array. Do not attempt to rebuild your array. Contact database recovery specialists as soon as possible to discuss the next steps.

At Data Recovery Labs, we understand the challenges associated with failed FileMaker and offer FREE diagnostics for database recovery. Call our customer service team today to start recovering your data.

Help Starts With The First Contact

During our no-obligation phone consultation our digital data specialist will:
  • Confirm your hard drive type, configuration, and backup system
  • Assess the data loss situation and possible failure causes
  • Provide advice to prevent permanent data loss
  • Advise on next steps for the most timely and most cost-efficient data recovery solution

Reasons to Choose Data Recovery Labs

  • World-class team of engineers
  • Free evaluation service
  • No Data, No Charge guarantee
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Expertise with all operating systems and media devices
  • Custom solutions for handling encrypted files and drives
  • Nationwide service
  • Secure lab facility
  • Dedicated case representative
  • Easy straightforward process