Data Recovery Labs offers advanced data recovery solutions for IBM Notes (formerly Lotus Notes) and IBM Domino (formerly IBM Lotus Domino) databases. Both collaborative client-server platforms utilize document database management system format and are compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu, and SUSE Linux operating systems. The Notes Storage Facility (.NSF) file extension is used to store a vast variety of items including emails, documents, contacts, log-entries, Java Applets and OLE objects. The .NSF format is rather unique compared to relational database management systems (RDBMS), and recovery often requires extensive manual data manipulation.

At Data Recovery Labs, we specialize in database recovery and our data engineers have developed specialized recovery tools to provide fast and cost-effective recovery solutions for all IBM databases including DB2, PostgreSQL and IMS DB. We support all versions of IBM Notes and IBM Domino and use advanced tools to treat both applications without risking any further media damage. We offer the highest recovery rates on .NSF corruption cases, emergency service turnaround times of less than 48 hours, and a full No Data, No Charge guarantee.

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Reasons to Choose Data Recovery Labs

  • World-class team of engineers
  • Free evaluation service
  • No Data, No Charge guarantee
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Expertise with all operating systems and media devices
  • Custom solutions for handling encrypted files and drives
  • Nationwide service
  • Secure lab facility
  • Dedicated case representative
  • Easy straightforward process

How to Handle IBM Notes or Domino Data Corruption

If you find your Notes or Domino data inaccessible, it is best to power off your system to prevent any further damage and data corruption. If possible, take note of any error messages associated with the failure. Database corruption errors can occur due to a corrupt note, an uncompleted requested action, or file read issues during an improper shutdown during data writing stage. If the failed database is stored on a multiple-disk storage device and you cannot turn off the entire system, separate the affected partition. Do not run any software recovery or other utilities. Taking these precautionary steps should preserve your data in its original state and greatly improve your chances of a full recovery. The next step is to contact a professional data recovery company to discuss your data loss scenario. Corrupt .NSF files and backup format files such as .NBF database archives have a high chance of recovery with relatively fast turnaround times. Contact Data Recovery Labs today for a FREE media evaluation.

Common Notes and Domino Data Loss Causes

  • Storage device failure and other mechanical issues
  • Database corruption
  • Accidental file deletion or unintentional formatting
  • Other logical issues