Microsoft Access is a popular database management tool, known as being an affordable and relatively simple business solution. Because Access is compatible with database files written in Oracle, Outlook, Sharepoint, MySQL, Paradox and dBase among other, it is also a fluid and powerful database management system. However, as any large database, besides being susceptible to regular storage failures, including RAIDs, corruption is a serious problem with .MDB and .AACDB files.

Microsoft Access data loss can occur instantaneously, leaving you without access to critical files. If the situation is dire and you need to recover your data ASAP, contact Data Recovery Labs for a FREE consultation.


Common data loss scenarios for Microsoft Access systems include

What to Do When a Microsoft Access System Fails

While Microsoft Access systems have some built-in backup features designed to protect against data loss, as any other database it is not resistant to physical and logical problems. When unable to access your database data, it is critical to exercise extreme care when handling storage media and never attempt to operate a damaged storage device. It is best to keep your system completely turned off to prevent additional damage. Do not attempt neither physical repair of the storage device nor file recovery software or utilities to treat corrupt Microsoft Access databases. Utilities in particular, can complicate the recovery process and even lead to permanent data loss.

Start Recovering your Data Now!

Contact our customer service team to set up a FREE media evaluation. Our data specialist will discuss flexible recovery options pertaining to your particular case to help you avoid unnecessary downtime. At Data recovery Labs we treat hundreds of data storage systems every year. Our data experts have extensive training and experience to treat all Access failure scenarios effectively including Windows Crypto API encryption used in .AACDB files. By making an image copy of your data and using proprietary software developed specifically for Access database, we can recover your data within record-fast timeframe.