Recovering Data from Microsoft SQL Systems

Used for everything from customer management, to accounting and product design, Microsoft SQL (Structured Query Language) Servers is one of the most popular business databases in the world. Although it serves as a robust and dynamic business solution, it is not failure-proof. When you cannot access data stored in Microsoft SQL database, it is wise to contact data recovery specialists to avoid further data loss. At Data Recovery Labs we provide the safest and fastest solutions in the industry to recover the data stored in the database as well as salvaging the database itself to avoid the set up time which can take weeks.

Our data engineers have extensive expertise with all SQL relational database management systems. Contact us for a FREE consultation to review your particular case.


SQL Disaster Recovery

Data Recovery Labs has successfully recovered thousands of corrupted and damaged Microsoft SQL database files. Some typical scenarios of SQL Server disasters include a natural or a manmade disaster such as a fire, flood, or technical problems such as multiple disk failure in a RAID 5 configuration. The process of a Microsoft SQL recovery starts with a search for the requested database file. If the database file is inaccessible due to hardware-related issues, such as storage device failure, we start with repairing the device. After treating physical damage, our engineers create a clone copy of the media. Then, we continue data recovery process from that copy to restore normal access to the corrupt or damaged SQL database. If the file requested is missing, corrupted or deleted due to problems with the file system, then we work to adjust or repair the file system to correctly point to the data stream of the file. And finally, if the file system has no signs of the file, then we search the entire storage system searching for Microsoft SQL data.

Our proprietary tools allow us to search and restore tables from native SQL .BAK files, .MDF, .LDF, and .NDF files, a storage tier snapshot of NAS configuration as well as other data sources. We can analyze the complex internal structures of the .MDF file and provide reports on the recoverable tables. We can also, see the number of data rows accessible for recovery.

Lastly, once the evaluation is complete and the authorization to recover the data is received we will either remotely return your data by copying into another Microsoft SQL server database or send it on a physical storage device.

We offer a FREE, no obligation consultation service to assist you in preventing any further damage to your data as well as No Data, No Charge guarantee for all physical evaluations.

SQL Databases Data Loss Scenarios

  • Corrupt or logically damaged databases
  • Dropped or lost tables
  • Physical or electronic media failure
  • Accidental re-initialization
  • Errors during replication
  • RAID rebuild failure
  • Accidental deletion or formatting