Primarily because of its efficiency and scalability, many of the world’s largest companies use Oracle databases to store and manage some of the most valuable data. Oracle runs on a range of operating systems including, Oracle Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, OS X, z/OS, AIX, Asianux and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Although the database has built-in corruption protection and backup features to prevent data loss, even with highly redundant RAID systems, media failures, user error and other factors can lead to .DBF files corruption.

  • Common Causes of Oracle Databases Data Loss include:

    • RAID / SAN /server hardware failure
    • Accidental or intentional data deletion
    • Deleted or corrupted logs and backups
    • Improper formatting
    • Oracle ASM corruption
    • File system corruption
    • Oracle corrupted row data
    • Database logical damage
  • Depending on the database version, you might see messages indicating failure to access a .DBF file due to sudden hardware damage, mishandled RAID rebuilds, hard drive failures and other events.

    Other Common Oracle Database Errors:

    • ORA-01403 – data not found
    • ORA-00225 / 00227 - control file corruption
    • ORA-00353 - log corruption, indication of the location of the corruption
    • ORA-00354 - corrupt block header
    • ORA-00355 - change numbers are out of order

If you cannot access an Oracle database, immediately stop recording new data to your storage media. Completely shut down your system to prevent data overwrites and further data corruption and contact a professional data recovery company to avoid downtime and potential permanent data loss.

Our data engineers routinely handle Oracle databases utilizing our proprietary tools and years of database recovery expertise. We offer free diagnostics for all of our Oracle data recovery services through our No Data, No Charge guarantee. Please contact Data Recovery Labs to discuss your individual case.


Over the years we have successfully resolved situations with complex failed media to recover lost or corrupted data from all types of operating systems and media and storage devices, including SAN environments and all RAID types. We offer repair and media recovery services for all Oracle systems storing mission-critical business data, from customer database information to entire company virtual environments. Other data recovery services for Oracle provided by Data Recovery Labs:

Oracle Linux Recovery

Our proprietary data repair and recovery tools for Linux file systems allow us to recover data from systems running Oracle Linux including EXT3, EXT4, GFS, JFS, XFS, Reiser and other extensions. These solutions address data corruption, LVM corruption, deleted or partially overwritten data, file system failure, RAID and NAS environment failures.

Oracle VM Restoration

Data Recovery Labs provides repair and recovery services for various file formats used by Oracle VM and Oracle VM VirtualBox including VHD, VDI and VMDK. We offer unique set of tools to address file system corruption, deleted virtual machines and snapshots, internal virtual disk corruption, RAID, NAS and other server hardware failures and deleted or corrupt files contained within the virtual environment.