SAP is one of the most commonly used enterprise resource planning (ERP) software used in the world today. It provides the benefits of productivity, increased efficiency, decreased costs and streamlining of critical business processes for thousands of users around the world. This relational database management system is found on various proven hardware platforms such as IBM Power Servers and eServers, Dell PowerEdge systems, Oracle, HP, and Fujitsu among other, running on a variety of operating systems including Unix, Linux, Microsoft Windows IBMAIX, IBM i, IBM z/OS and Solaris.

Like many other enterprise solutions, SAP is one of the most critical applications for any local or global organization where data loss can be dire. Two common causes of lost database files are data storage device failure or internal database corruption that prevents row data from being accessed. We treat hundreds of enterprise-level systems each year, providing fast turnaround times, industry's best success rates and advanced data security. Our database recovery services are trusted by thousands of IT professionals and other technology users with all digital data issues.

Primary causes of data loss on SAP DB systems

  • Data storage device (hard disk, SAN, NAS, DAS, or RAID)
  • Accidental deletion or overwrites
  • Data corruption to SAP database files
  • Software and operating system errors

Both the data loss itself and the application consistency are serious concerns, as the recovery process can take days and sometime weeks for a full rebuild. Sometimes a dynamic backup and a hot standby can be the fast-solutions, whereas other cases might require a more complex intervention. Data Recovery Labs provides advanced physical recovery services as well as file recovery and repair services for MaxDB and SAP Hana. We understand how various hardware configurations and operating environments affect any SQL-based databases, and our engineers use an effective proprietary approach to ensure a successful recovery with minimum downtime. With decades of combined SQL experience, we offer the highest recovery rates in the industry, offering world-class solutions for database recovery services.

SAP First Error Signs

  • Corrupt Parameter Files
  • 9xxx Errors (System Errors)
  • Physical Media Damage Symptoms

SAP uses different error codes listed in knldiag and knltrace support documents. However, it is best not to run the diagnostic utility as SAP DB server media might be physically damaged and any recovery attempts will only exacerbate the recovery process. Instead, turn off the system or isolate the affected disk. These steps should preserve your data in its original state, greatly improving your chances of a full recovery.