Because security is a major concern for businesses and individuals, today leading storage device manufacturers offer numerous hardware- and software-based encryption solutions. We understand encryption and have developed a process to significantly reduce time necessary to recover encrypted data. Our world-class team of engineers has expertise to unlock hard drives and to recover encrypted data from leading encryption device brands such as Microsoft, Symantec, Sophos Safeguard, GuardianEdge, PointSec, AxCrypt, among other. Data Recovery Labs data experts have unparalleled experience with recovery of EFS, PGP, FPE, AES and all other encryption formats.

Disk encryption recovery for all algorithms

We specialize in encrypted data recovery and offer

  • Highest physical security and data protection measures, compliant with all relevant IT laws and requirements
  • Advanced tools for encrypted file repair and hard drive unlocking
  • Expertise with unlocking password-protected hard drives
  • Unique tools for both file-level and disk-level encryption recoveries
  • Fastest turnaround times and flexible service options
  • Flexible service options with data returned either encrypted (image-only) or fully decrypted

Once the recovery is completed, we can safely and properly recycle the old storage device. Adhering to the most strict industry protocols, we are able to permanently destroy residual data on the old device. If your organization has any special requirements for recovering sensitive encrypted data, contact Data Recovery Labs to discuss options that fit your unique security needs.


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