Because of their portability physically damaged external drives are rather common data loss cases. In fact, the majority of such cases received at our lab for recovery are result of a fall or drop. External hard drives are also not immune to traditional drives data loss scenarios such as human error, computer viruses, natural disasters, and other failure types:

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Increase Your Data Recovery Chances

  • Power off your external hard drive to prevent unrecoverable damage.
  • If your drive is making strange mechanical noises, any further operation of the device can lead to permanent data loss.
  • To avoid any accidental data overwrites, do not try to use DIY software.
  • If you are missing any files, your data went raw, or you simply deleted a document by accident, contact a data recovery expert to maximize your data recovery chances.
  • If you experience hard drive water damage, do NOT try to dry the device.
  • Drying a wet hard drive can cause permanent damage due to a corrosion process. Instead place it into an air-tight plastic bag and ship it to Data Recovery Labs. Contact us for shipping instructions.

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