Data Recovery Labs specializes in flash media repair and data recovery, offering industry-leading recovery success rates. Utilizing proprietary recovery tools, our experts provide industry-leading support for all flash devices regardless of size, manufacturer or failure cause. Although being fairly durable, as all microelectronic devices flash drives, SD cards and USD thumb drives are susceptible to failure. Sometimes the device does not show up in Device Manager or "USB Device not recognized" message in Windows. Sometimes the device itself might be seen but the volumes or partitions are inaccessible or could not be found. Files might also, appear "unknown" or 0 bytes in size. If you experience data loss, disconnect your flash media as soon as you notice signs of data loss.

If you experience flash drive failure, disconnect the device as soon as you notice signs of data loss and do not attempt to read or repair your media under any circumstances as you can easily cause further and permanent damage. Contact a professional data recovery company to avoid permanent data loss. Data Recovery Labs’ engineers use special software allowing to read raw NAND flash chips and reconstructing the original file system. Oftentimes, recovery requires unsoldering internal NAND chip, creating a clone copy of media and then, utilizing specialized tools and algorithms to restore the data.

Common Flash Data Loss Reasons

  • Accidental deletion or reformatting
  • File corruption
  • Missing or damaged Files
  • Broken USB connection
  • Static discharge
  • Memory wear from excessive use
  • Water, humidity, dust, or extreme temperatures
  • Other physical damage condition

Safely Handle Flash Card Media to Prevent Data Loss

Data Recovery Labs Difference

  • Technologically advanced and innovative solutions from the industry leader
  • Straight-forward, guaranteed pricing with “No Data, No Charge” policy
  • Cost-effective solutions to fit your individual needs
  • FREE case evaluation and quote
  • 40+ convenient receiving locations