RAID 0 Setup

RAID 0 can be created with hardware or software and consists of striping, without mirroring or parity schemes which basically, breaks the data into smaller fragments that are placed across all available disk drives. Its biggest advantage is that the small chunks of data scattered across a number of drives can be very quickly pulled together into one whole. This quality makes RAID 0 a standard for many different types of servers, external hard drives, NAS units, SNAP Servers, and high-end gaming, graphics, video editing and other high-intensity workstation applications. However, although RAID 0 provides improved performance and additional storage it does not provide any redundancy, or fault tolerance.


The number of individual data fragments is dictated by the number of disks in the drive. The fragments are written to their respective disks simultaneously on the same sector. This allows smaller sections of the entire chunk of data to be read off the drive in parallel, giving this type of arrangement higher bandwidth. This configuration makes your device prone to failure as a single disk failure destroys the entire RAID 0 array.

RAID 0 Data Recovery

Although RAID 0 has always been called the unrecoverable array type, at Data Recovery Labs, we can repair these arrays while recovering your files in the most efficient manner. Regardless of the number of failed drives, recovery of the RAID 0 array involves repairing and getting the failed drive working, cloned and then extracting the data from the whole array. This is the most reliable way of performing a full and complete RAID 0 data recovery. When no other options are available, recovery attempts can be made on failed arrays with missing disks, however, only the smallest files may be recoverable and in most cases the process used to recover them loses all file and directory structure. At Data Recovery Labs our RAID engineers have extensive experience with RAID 0 data recovery with developed custom repair tools to exceed industry recovery rates. Our successful repairs include everything from a two-disk RAID 0 array to multi-terabyte multi-disk RAID 0 configuration.

Because of our No Data, No Charge guarantee, you never pay a service fee if we cannot deliver the results. Whether you lose data due failure of one or several RAID 0 member disks or failure not associated with the disks themselves, we provide the most effective ways to avoid permanent data loss. Contact one of our mass storage specialists today to learn more about the recovery process and to set up a FREE media evaluation.

Most Common RAID 0 Failure Scenarios

We recover data from any hard drive RAID arrays made by but not limited to the following manufacturers:

  • Adaptec
  • EMC
  • Crucial SSD
  • Sysco Server
  • LSI MegaRAID
  • Dell
  • Hitachi
  • Promise Technology
  • NetApp

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