One of the most catastrophic media failures that can occur in a business environment is that of a RAID Array or an enterprise server. At Data Recovery Labs we understand the critical nature of your data. Data Recovery Labs is one of the leaders in the IT industry's RAID Data Recovery market. Providing in house data recovery services for all Redundant Array of Independent Drive (RAID) configurations, NAS, SAN, DAS and other multi-disk server configurations for all operating systems and storage media. We have the facilities, tools, and expertise behind us to provide timely solutions for businesses and individuals to minimize any downtime associated with the array failure.


RAID 3 stripes data across multiple drives, with an additional drive dedicated to parity, for error correction. This array uses byte-level striping with a separate parity disk. Although RAID 3 provides high efficiency as well as very high read and write data transfer rates, RAID 3 is very rarely used in practice. One of the main side-effects of RAID 3 is that it generally cannot service multiple requests simultaneously as any single block of data is spread across all disks and resides in the same location. So, any I/O operation requires activity on every disk. Moreover the controller setup of this array is fairly complex and hardware-type setup is highly recommended.

Common Uses Of RAID 3 Array

Data Recovery Labs storage engineers have extensive experience with RAID 3 and RAID 4 data recovery. Constant development of our software and hardware insures that we have the very latest techniques and technology to recover the most complex cases.


Starting with a no obligation phone consultation, you will be provided with the general information and advice you need in order to quickly recover your data. Once your media is received, it will undergo a full diagnostic evaluation in our secure facility at zero cost to you. This will allow our engineers to accurately assess the problems associated with your device and to provide you with a firm price for the data recovery process. Only after the quote has been approved by you, our highly trained engineers will perform the full recovery process.

Reasons to Choose Data Recovery Labs

  • World-class team of engineers
  • Free evaluation service
  • No Data, No Charge guarantee
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Expertise with all operating systems and media devices
  • Custom solutions for handling encrypted files and drives
  • Nationwide locations
  • Secure lab facility
  • Dedicated case representative
  • Easy straightforward process

Most Common RAID 3 Failure Reasons

  • RAID array/controller failure
  • Server registry configuration lost
  • Intermittent drive failure resulting in configuration corruption
  • Accidental reconfiguration of RAID drives
  • Multiple drive failure
  • Accidental replacement of media components

How To Deal With RAID Failure

  • If a drive is making unusual mechanical noises, turn it off immediately and contact a data recovery specialist
  • Do not replace a failed drive with a drive that was part of a another RAID system
  • Zero out the replacement drive before using
  • Label the drives with their position in a RAID array
  • Do not run volume repair utilities or defragmenter utilities on suspected bad drives
  • Contact professional data recovery specialists for a consultation to receive guidance on your particular situation