Sharing storage usually simplifies storage administration and adds flexibility since storage devices and accessories do not have to be locally accessed to move storage from one server to another. This architecture is used primarily to combine remote computer storage devices to the operating system in way for these devices appear as physically attached. Because of the multiple devices involved SAN architectures can be quite complex and the more complex the system, the more likely a failure can occur in one component, affecting the entire storage architecture. Like any electronic system, SAN devices can fail, regardless of the quality of its components or its redundancy configuration.

Common SAN Failure Reasons

  • Hard drive failures past the point of redundancy
  • Controller card failure
  • Accidental file deletion and other user errors
  • Employee sabotage
  • Software and operating system issues
  • File corruption and other logical damage

How to Handle SAN Failure

By taking appropriate steps to preserve your data, you will drastically increase your chances of a successful recovery. The best way to prevent any further data loss and to preserve your files in their original state is to keep you SAN system off. If your SAN uses RAID, it is also highly advisable not to attempt rebuilding the array.

When your NAS fails or is missing data, it is highly recommended to contact data recovery specialists. Our team of data experts understand the urgency to recover your data and get you back up and running. We work directly with you and the equipment manufacturer(s) to recover the maximum amount of data in the most efficient manner. We have extensive experience with the following NAS architecture components among other: 3PAR, Hitachi (HDS), LeftHand, Promise, Oracle/Sun, DataCore, HP, NetApp, QNAP, Dell, IBM, Infortrend, NexSAN, StorNext, Drobo, OnStor, Thecus, EMC, Intel, Isilon, Xiotech, EqualLogic, and Pillar.

Data Recovery Labs restoration services support all vendors, media formats and operating systems. If you do not see your hardware or software listed please contact our team to discuss your particular NAS architecture.

Help Starts With The First Contact

During our no-obligation phone consultation our digital data specialist will:
  • Confirm your hard drive type, configuration, and backup system
  • Assess the data loss situation and possible failure causes
  • Provide advice to prevent permanent data loss
  • Advise on next steps for the most timely and most cost-efficient data recovery solution