Tape Data Recovery

Although digital data tape backups offer high performance, reliability and longevity in protecting enterprise systems, they are not fail-proof. Running multiple read and write tasks can put substantial stress on tape drives causing tape failure. Whether your tape sustains hardware malfunctions, accidental overwrites, physical damage, or any other data loss scenario we can safely restore your data with industry-leading success rates. Data Recovery Labs’ experts specialize in tape recovery services for hundreds of the latest and older cartridges including AIT, DDS, DAT, LTO, QIC, VXA, DLT/SDLT, AIT/S-AIT, and all IBM formats. We recover, repair, and convert data from all tape media:

  • LTO (all formats)
  • LTO-1
  • LTO-2
  • LTO-3
  • LTO-4
  • LTO-6
  • DLT (all formats)
  • DLT8000
  • DLT7000
  • DLT II
  • DLT IV
  • SuperDLT
  • Sony AIT (all formats)
  • AIT2
  • AIT3
  • QIC
  • ½" Open Reel
  • SLR
  • SAIT
  • CompacTape
  • DAT
  • Travan data cartridge
  • VXA
  • VTL
  • All cartridges
  • Mini data cartridges
  • VS1 formats
  • T10000
  • Encrypted tapes
  • Compressed tapes
  • TK50/TK70
  • 7-track cartridge
  • 9-track
  • IBM (all formats)
  • 3480
  • 3490
  • 3570
  • 3590
  • 3592
  • 9840
  • DC2000 mini data cartridge

Common reasons of tape failure and data loss

  • files on tape are corrupt or unreadable
  • tape drive does not recognize media
  • physical mishandling of the tape
  • broken, folded, flipped or torn tape
  • tape data unreadable by newer applications or servers
  • damage caused by fire, flood or other natural disaster
  • operational errors
  • accidental overwrites

Tape Data Migration

As storage capacities increase, tape migration becomes a more time consuming and expensive process. The process can be quite complex and problematic even for the most experienced technicians as it is often associated with significant system downtimes and potential data loss risks. With an extensive experience of working with multiple tape formats – including encrypted, compressed tapes or libraries – we can help you to convert between formats or to transfer an entire tape library to a media of your choice within days.

Whether you need to integrate data from incompatible systems, upgrade your archives to higher capacity media, import newer tape drives into your archive, maintain legacy data or simply require a high-availability of your data, our data experts have the tools necessary to speed up data migration, free up your time and reduce the overall migration process costs. We offer a FREE tape case evaluation with accurate time and price estimates to ensure the best possible return on investment.

Our data migration services are tailored to your needs

  • Limit operational disruptions

    Reduce interruptions to your business operations and improve system availability

  • Reduce costs

    Save time and resources, improve return on investment (ROI) by streamlining the migration process

  • Mitigate risks

    Work with highly-skilled data specialists utilizing time-tested proprietary tools and strict security protocols


Tape Data Auditing and Organizing

We can help you audit, catalogue, and index backup tapes and tape data contents to make the data readily available. Poorly marked or unlabeled tapes can pose serious threats to organizations, from backup data inaccessibility to compliance regulation failure to improper destruction and unauthorized data access threats. Our data specialists utilize the best-practices and proprietary tools to catalogue data for all formats, including virtual tape libraries and tapes predating the year 2000.

Data Recovery Labs experts routinely offer review of existing archives and backup media and have extensive experience with backup applications such as Microsoft Backup, Quest, cpio archiver, NetBackup, NetVault, Backup Exec, and Backup Express.

Custom tape audit solutions