Virtualization software has enabled organizations to consolidate servers offering significant benefits – especially from IT standpoint – and cost savings to a rapidly growing list of users. Virtual systems reduce the cost of hardware and hosting but add complexity to storage systems. Any virtual infrastructure also, is just as exposed to data loss as the storage devices containing it. Virtualization also, adds a layer of complexity to any data recovery process.

Data Recovery Labs engineers deliver consistent results for deleted, formatted, damaged or corrupt virtual media. We have an unparalleled experience and the latest tools to recover practically any virtual machine, server, or infrastructure:

What to do When Your Virtual Machine Fails

Because of the complex data storage architecture of virtual machines, if you experience a data loss it is critical to contact a professional data recovery immediately. In the meantime:

  • If your host server data store is currently running, turn the power off as soon as possible. Continuing to use the system could cause other virtual disks to overwrite original lost data.
  • Do not attempt physical or logical recovery, especially without a reliable backup in place.
  • If you are attempting to investigate LUN yourself, make sure to use the read-only mode.

Common virtual systems data loss cases

Start Recovering Your Virtual Machine Data

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