More and more organizations are investing in collaborative data repository tools, gaining productivity from the information sharing and collaboration attributes of these products. Microsoft SharePoint Server is one of the most popular collaboration products currently used. Although not a traditional database system, it is a scalable solution which allows multiple users to create, store, organize, and share various types of information while providing constant and efficient access to it.

While SharePoint servers are normally built with advanced safety features, data loss can nonetheless occur if, due to human error, hardware failure and other causes. At Data Recovery Labs we specialize in SQL data recovery and have the tools to quickly treat any SharePoint system, restoring your data to a working condition by treating both physical and logical media issues to extract SQL .MDF, .NDF, and .LDF files.

We have the highest recovery rates in the industry and are ready to prove our industry leader status no matter how complex your case is. Please fill out our no-obligation, form and one of our specialist will contact you to discuss your particular data loss situation. Once you receive your case number, you can send in your media for FREE, no obligation diagnostics.


Recovering SharePoint Data

There are several ways to recover lost SharePoint data. If the files are simply deleted by accident and the mistake is found immediately, they can simply be recovered from Recycling bin. However, in the more serious data loss scenarios, data needs to be restored from a backup or a snapshot of the content database. There are two main ways for this recovery. First, is to restore the entire backup or snapshot directly to the production server. Although very time-consuming, this option eliminates the need of having a recovery server. The other way is to setup a recovery server that mirrors the configuration of the production SharePoint server, which will then allow to restore the whole site to recovery server. Alternatively, if you do not need to recover, the entire site, Data Recovery Labs also offers solutions for recovery of individual items such as documents, lists, attachments, folders, libraries and file metadata. Our engineers have extensive expertise with all SQL data recoveries and will evaluate your case independently to create a fast and effective recovery plan.

Common SharePoint Failure Reasons

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