Data Recovery Labs is a leader in database repair services offering the highest success rates in the industry. We specialize in SQL data recovery and have extensive expertise to recover all database servers including Innodb and MyISAM. With state-of-the-art recovery techniques and risk-free diagnostics we provide fast, reliable and cost-effective solutions to avoid downtime after any data loss disaster for hundreds of organizations and individuals. MySQL is the most popular open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) in the world. Companies such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Citrix, and Cisco use MySQL choose this solution for its high performance and scalability. Although a reliable application, file corruption, a failed RAID rebuild, media damage and other unexpected issues can make MySQL inaccessible regardless of the data storage configuration used.

Common MySQL Failure Reasons

  • Hardware and mechanical failure
  • RAID rebuild failure
  • File corruption
  • Network failure
  • Human error

Data Recovery Labs engineers have extensive expertise with various types of hardware architectures and operating systems. Our engineers routinely work with various file systems and recover corrupted files of .FRM, .DBS, .MYD, .MYI, .S3DB, .OPT and other MySQL formats. Our engineers can recover lost or corrupted data from any MySQL system regardless of failure reason or data storage configuration. We are RAID data recovery specialists and can recover physically damaged data from web servers, large network storage devices as well as individual cloud databases that store MySQL data. Because of our deep understanding of relational databases and working knowledge of MySQL we proudly offer industry-leading turnaround times with highest data recovery rates for all mission-critical recoveries. Contact our team today to discuss your case and setup a FREE media evaluation.

We lead our industry in data recovery solutions and offer a No Data, No Charge guarantee with every case. Start recovering your data by filling out QUOTE REQUEST.


Steps to Take when MySQL Database Fails

When unable to access database data, it is critical to exercise extreme care when handling failed storage device. You should turn your MySQL server off or isolate the affected partition. Do not attempt to rebuild damaged RAID arrays as it can significantly exacerbate chances of successful recovery. It is also highly recommended to avoid commercial data recovery software and database utilities, as these tools can further corrupt the data by overwriting. Lastly, note any failure symptoms and contact data recovery specialists to discuss your data loss case.

Reasons to Choose Data Recovery Labs

  • World-class team of engineers
  • Free evaluation service
  • No Data, No Charge guarantee
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Expertise with all operating systems and media devices
  • Custom solutions for handling encrypted files and drives
  • Nationwide locations
  • Secure lab facility
  • Dedicated case representative
  • Easy straightforward process