Data Mining on the Web

Data mining refers to the analysis of data for the purpose of finding certain informational patterns that can be used for the benefits of an organization. Data mining is widely used by companies to find ways to increase revenue and reduce costs through marketing, research, and other activities. Since the Internet is one of the main sources of information nowadays, many companies have started to perform web data mining to fulfill their business objectives. Here are a number of websites that contain more information about data mining on the web.

Data Mining Tools
Data Mining Tools: Descriptions of different types of data mining tools that are being used today.
Data Mining Tools and Techniques: Comprehensive information about data mining tools and techniques.
Techniques for Data Mining : An overview of various data mining techniques.
Predictive Modeling : Brief explanation of a type of data mining called predictive modeling.
Descriptive Data Mining Models: Article that provides information about descriptive data mining models.

Data Sets
Data Sets for Data Mining : List of data sets that are used for a variety of data mining tasks.
Data Set Summary by Application : Examples of data sets used for different applications.
Data Set Options : Instructions for using data set options.
Macroeconomic Data Sets : Description of data mining in macroeconomic data sets.
Data Set Resources: Links to websites that contain data mining sets.

Data Mining Books
Book about Online Data Mining : Information on an excellent book about data mining on the web.
Recommended Data Mining Books : A list of books recommended by a data mining expert.
Selected Data Mining Books : A selection of books that provide valuable information about data mining.
Data Mining Bookstore : A number of books that are written by data mining consultants and experts.
More Data Mining Books: Another list of essential data mining books.

Data Mining Journals
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery: The premier technical journal in the field of data mining.
Data Mining-Related Journal : A journal that is dedicated to data engineering.
Statistical Analysis and Data Mining: Journal that provides comprehensive information on data mining.
International Journal of Data Mining and Bioinformatics : Publication that offers the latest news about data mining and bioinformatics technology.
International Journal of Data Warehousing and Mining: Journal that discusses the latest global research in the fields of data warehousing and data mining.

Data Mining Tutorials
A Data Mining Tutorial : A tutorial that provides explanation of the basic concepts of data mining.
Data Mining Tutorials and Samples : Lessons on various data mining tasks, with examples.
Statistical Data Mining Tutorials : A wide selection of tutorials on statistical data mining.
Data Mining Video Tutorial : A video tutorial that reveals the secrets to data mining success.
Spatial Data Mining Tutorial : A tutorial on spatial data mining.

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