Using Your Hard Drive to Find out if Your Spouse is Cheating

There are many ways to catch a cheating spouse, and you do not need to hire a private detective to do so. The first place to start is the computer your spouse uses. You can discover evidence of an affair by using a few simple methods including checking the activity log, going through the desktop indexes, and searching the browser history and cookies.

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Many communication programs, such as instant messengers, have internal logs that keep track of errors. These same logs also track the activities of the user and keep a message archive. This log is found in email clients, instant messaging clients, and web browsers. You can access it through the instant messenger chat archive, the email sent box, and in the web browser History and Temporary Internet Files. Simply log in to each of these programs, or open the browser. With a brief look around, you should be able to see if your spouse has had any inappropriate or suspicious conversations. If you have any trouble searching for these programs, try using the Help function on your computer, but keep in mind, your spouse may know to delete sent messages, archived chats, browser histories and temporary internet files. There is a way around this though.

The desktop index is a relatively new development that can search the entire contents of a computer once something has been indexed, such as emails. Users are able to utilize programs such as Windows Desktop Search and Google Desktop to search the contents of files (which can include emails) and read them in their entirety. The most efficient way to search is with key words that you may consider suspicious like, “love”, “affair,” “cheat,” “meet,” or “wife.” Use your imagination, or if you have any evidence or idea that the affair may be with a specific person or occur at a specific place, search those terms. If your computer does not have this program, it is easy to download and install.

Browser history can give an indication if a spouse is cheating as well. If the history has not been deleted, you can view all of the websites that were visited with that browser. Simply go to “view” at the menu bar or try hitting “Ctrl H,” and all of the history will be displayed. Many times you can even search the list. Be prepared to come across websites you may find objectionable.

Another way to catch a cheating spouse is to search the computer’s cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is in a special folder. When the folder is opened you can see all of the cookie files that were saved. Many times, when a website is visited, a cookie is installed on the computer and remains until it is manually deleted. The title of the cookie usually gives a hint of the website’s origin, so if your spouse was carrying on an online affair or visiting dating websites, you may well be able to find out from this folder. To find the cookies folder, simply perform a Windows search for “cookies” and you will be led to the folder.

Using your hard drive to find out if your spouse is cheating is simple. The only problem is that it is almost as simple for the cheater to cover his or her tracks. If you sincerely believe there is evidence on the computer, but cannot find it, than please contact our forensic data recovery specialist who can search all of the hard drive in ways lay people cannot. An affair is a horrible ordeal to endure, but you have a right to know if you are being cheated on. The computer is usually the best place to start your search.

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