The IP Address Resource Guide

Internet Protocol is the system that moves traffic over the Internet to specific locations. Each location has an individual address called an IP address. Computers directly connected to the Internet each have their own individual IP Address, as do the computer servers that host web sites. Companies like ARIN, the American Registry for Internet Numbers, assign these addresses.

Rapid exhaustion of 32 bit IP addresses has caused concern. Connections that are always on, as well as the increasing number of devices, like video game consoles and mobile devices, each have their own IP Address. IP Version 6 is being designed to prevent the problems that would be caused by completed depletion that is estimated to occur in the next three years.

The following are resources regarding what an IP Address is, how it is used, and how it affects internet users.

What is an IP Address (Basic)
What is an IP Address? From The University of Berkley
IP Addresses & Network Security – From UNC Chapel Hill
Requesting an IP Address – Includes details of how IP addresses affect users and the network.
MAC Addresses – Includes information on how MAC Addresses Affect IP Addresses
IP Addresses, Host Names, & Domain Names – How the three relate to form the World Wide Web.

What is an IP Address (Technologically In Depth)
What is an IP Address? Includes Information on MAC Addresses
Web Sites & IP Sharing – A Technical Overview
IP Measurement Tools – Using IP Addresses to track traffic
Will the Internet Run Out of Addresses? – An in depth analysis of the limitations of IPv4
IP2Location – Using relocation with IP Addresses
IP Addresses – Includes information on binary, vs decoded IP Addresses

IP Classes
Classes of IP Addresses – Includes how mobile devices are classified.
IP Address Classes – The Classifications of IPv4 Addresses
Internet Protocol Addressing – Technical Overview & History
TCP – An Introduction

Public and Private IP Addresses
What are IP Addresses – An Overview of Reserved Ranges
Public & Private IP Addresses – What’s the difference?
Online Privacy Issues – How Private IP Addresses Affect Network Privacy

IP Encapsulation
IP Encapsulation – Using AAL5

DNS – An Overview of the Domain Name System

Raid Recovery Services

NAT (Network Address Translation)
Network Address Translation – An Introduction

ARP,RARP, DHCP, and ICMP - A Series of Lectures
ICMP Overview - A general overview of ICMP
DHCP FAQ - A very detailed overview on DHCP

What is IP Version 6 – From the IP Version 6 Working Group
IP Version 6 – Preparation Guide

Subnetting IP Addresses
IP Subneting – A Guide for New Users
Network Calculators - A great subnetting calculator

What is a Physical Address (MAC Address)
Physical Address (MAC Address) Information on the physical address