Perl Programming Resources

When it comes to computer programming, the programming language known as Perl is one of the oldest out there. It was originally developed by Larry Wall in 1987 as script for Unix to make report processing easier for NASA. Since then, it has undergone many changes. The Perl programming language is still heavily in use today and programmers all over the world enjoy using it.

Beginning Perl Tutorials : A list of tutorials explaining the basics of using Perl for specific purposes.
Perl Tutorials: A large number of tutorials about a range of subjects related to using Perl programming tools.
PerlDoc Tutorials : Provides a list of more advanced Perl tutorials and even some references written about the programming.
Advanced Tutorials : A page with links to multiple tutorials about more difficult Perl programming activities.
Tutorial Index : A list of links to Perl programming tutorials that cover many subjects.
Beginner's Guide to CGI Scripting with Perl : A guide to using Perl for beginners.

FAQs & Reference Information:
Official Information : Information from the official Perl site about the program.
WebReference Guide: A site with a list of reference articles concerning Perl programming software.
Introduction to Perl: Discusses different aspects of Perl’s history and purposes.
Perl FAQ: An extensive Pearl FAQ section that provides answers to general questions and more.
Pearl Documentation: Official documentation related to Perl programming.

News Groups & Forums:
Group Lists: A long list of active newsgroups relating to Perl programming.
The Perl Mailing List Database: Database that lists and links to active Perl mailing lists with descriptions.
Perl Guru: The homepage for a very popular Perl programming forum that is active.
Best Perl Forums : Lists the best Perl forums online and why each of them is successful.

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Books & Magazines:
Learning Perl on Win32 Systems : A book that explains how to learn Perl on Windows systems.
Picking Up Perl: A website that distributes a free book about learning how to use Perl programming for various purposes.
Programming Perl: Website for the 3rd edition of a book about Perl programming.
Bill Weinman's Perl Book: The website devoted to one of the most well-known Perl books ever published.
The Perl Review: Homepage for a magazine, The Perl Review, that has articles about Perl and how to use it.

Online Publications:
Perl Practicum by Hal Pomeranz : An online guide that helps users with Perl which began in 1997.
Publications Directory: An archive of online Perl articles that is divided by categories like resource types, language, etc.
Perl Documents: Provides a list of links to multiple online publications related to Perl and its uses.
The Perl Journal: Some information about the Perl journal, a popular online journal dedicated to the program.
EPrints: Provides a few links to online publications related to Perl.