What are Microsoft Power Tools?

Style sheets are very important in the internet world. Most content that goes up on the internet is based on HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language. These days, much of it is also based on CCS, or Cascading Tile Sheets. Mastering all these languages can be difficult so Microsoft has developed some tools that allow their users to alter both HTML and CCS easily. Here are the most popular examples.

Color Control Panel Applet: The Color Control Panel Applet is a special downloadable tool for Windows that makes it very easy for the average user to manage the typical Windows color settings on their computers.

SyncToy: SyncToy is a free PowerToy that helps users synchronize the files and folders on a computer. It can combine files from two folders into one and delete the originals or rename files.

RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer: The RAWR Image Thumbnailer and Viewer offers users the ability to organize, view, and print pictures that are captured from the special RAW image formats that digital cameras like Nikon and Canon function with.

ClearType Tuner: The Microsoft ClearType Tuner allows users to physically alter or improve the appearance of the font on specific computers by changing the color fidelity and altering the intensity variation.

HTML Slide Show Wizard: This is essentially a wizard that allows users to create an HTML slide show of their favorite digital pictures that can then be placed anywhere HTML is used,
such as a personal web site.

Open Command Window Here : The Open Command Window Here Power Tool adds a special “Open Command Window Here” menu on all file system folders, making it easy for users to open the command box and use it.

Alt-Tab Replacement : This PowerToy adds a little something extra to the computer. Instead of just switching windows when you “alt-tab” on Windows, it adds a special preview window so that you can see what you’re switching to and toggle accordingly.

Tweak UI: This is a very simple Power Toy that gives the user access to settings – usually more advanced ones – that are available in the default Windows XP interface including taskbar, Explorer, and more.

Power Calculator : The Power Calculator Tool allows you to graph and evaluate mathematical functions and perform different types of mathematical conversions.

Image Resizer: The Image Resizer is a tool that lets you resize image files – one at a time or even multiple files – with a simple right-click of the mouse.

Virtual Desktop Manager : This is a very useful and popular tool that lets users manage up to 4 separate desktops from the actual taskbar itself, which can be very helpful when most XP systems have more than one account and thus more than one desktop.

Taskbar Magnifier : This Power Tool is used when a user wants to magnify part of the screen when they’re using the taskbar.

Webcam Timershot: The Webcam Timershot lets users take pictures at specific time intervals from any webcam hooked up to their computer. These images are then stored in a designated area.

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